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Working at Sioux, means working together with a team of driven, smart and fun colleagues on high-tech solutions that make a difference. As a talent in software, mechatronics, mechanics, mathematics, automotive or electronics, you will contribute to the development and construction of complex products, often on the verge of what is technologically possible. At Sioux, you will work on a project for a big multinational in the region or for a promising start-up tackling the next breakthrough technology.

Working on your development
Our employees are our strength. Based on that belief, we find it very important to guide you optimally in your development. At Sioux we will keep you focused; we will constantly challenge you to learn and take the next steps in your development. Therefore, we work with a generous personal development budget which allows you to keep your technological knowledge up-to-date and work on your personal skills. Your current competencies and ambitions will determine the direction of your future career path and the level achieved.

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Sioux is involved with:


Startsemester - Course based & Demand based

Sioux provides a company visit for first year students to aid them in their choice for the next phase in their study.

ICT & Technology - Semester 3 - Course based & Demand based

Sioux has a role as a client for group projects and provides technical support.

ICT & Software Engineering - Semester 3 - Course based

Sioux fulfills the client role in the project and provides feedback during the process.

Other Activities

Sioux is member of the professional field advice committee for ICT & Technology (Mr. Duncan Stiphout).

Sioux provides an external expert for graduation sessions ( Mr. Niek Ederveen ).

During ICT in Practice, Sioux has given a workshop about Artificial Intelligence.

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Organization of Cooperation 7
Quality of education 8
Adequate knowledge to students 7
Cooperation last year 8
Average 7.5
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