It is vital students become familiar with the way the business works

Why Partners in Education?

Businesses show students what it's like in the professional field.

Fontys School of ICT

We have been working together with the business community for over fifteen years. This enables us to provide innovative and inspiring education. This cooperation we consider serious commitment. By involving companies intensely in education, the curriculum becomes more impactful for both students and teachers. And ultimately also for the business community. We are very proud of this successful cooperation format with more than 150 partners, and we would like to share with you how we involve the professional field in education and research.

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Connecting education directly to the professional field.

For Fontys Information and Communication Technology, helping a student develop into a professional for the labour market is key. We want students to enter the professional field well prepared after their education, able to apply theory directly into practice. Nobody can support this better than the business community itself. Therefore, from the start of their studies on, our students work together with the field.

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14 organisations (re)sign Partner in Education covenant with Fontys ICT 01/02/2023

On Wednesday 1 February, 14 organisations each signed a covenant with Fontys ICT to work together as Partner in Education (again) for a number of years.

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New Partners in Education Tilburg 27/06/2022

Welcome Hike One, 2Foqus, NetworkPeople en VECOZO, in our network of Partners in Education!

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15 organisations (re)signed the Partner in Education covenant 20/06/2022

On Friday 17 June, about 15 organisations each (re)signed a covenant as the basis for (another) number of years of collaboration as Partner in Education.

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Innovations Insight 2022 25/02/2022

Innovations Insight is the ultimate moment when our students show you what they've been doing at the Fontys ICT InnovationLab during this semester. They present you with their research projects. These project presentations are accessible to a wider audience.

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FHICT Career Days – 6 April (Tilburg) and 13 April (Eindhoven) 18/02/2022

We are happy to announce we can finally organise a physical Career Day again in April!

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For over fifteen years we have been collaborating with businesses. Because of this, we are able to provide new, inspiring and meaningful education.

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