It is vital students become familiar with the way the business works

Why Partners in Education?

Businesses show students what it's like in the professional field.

Fontys School of ICT

We have been working together with the business community for over fifteen years. This enables us to provide innovative and inspiring education. This cooperation we consider serious commitment. By involving companies intensely in education, the curriculum becomes more impactful for both students and teachers. And ultimately also for the business community. We are very proud of this successful cooperation format with more than 150 partners, and we would like to share with you how we involve the professional field in education and research.

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Connecting education directly to the professional field.

For Fontys Information and Communication Technology, helping a student develop into a professional for the labour market is key. We want students to enter the professional field well prepared after their education, able to apply theory directly into practice. Nobody can support this better than the business community itself. Therefore, from the start of their studies on, our students work together with the field.

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Seven organisations (re)signed a convenant as Partner in Education 19/04/2024

On Thursday 18 April, 7 organisations (re)signed a convenant as Partner in Education at Fontys ICT.

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Enthusiastic companies and driven talents meet at the Fontys ICT Career Day 19/04/2024

On Thursday 18 April, the Fontys InnovationLab in Eindhoven was buzzing with energy during the Fontys ICT Career Day. Some 60 companies, including Jumbo, ASML, GAC, Axians, Simac, Blueriq, Municipality of Eindhoven, Copaco, Info Support, Eviden, were ready to meet Fontys ICT students.

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Sioux and Freshheads working on inclusion 26/03/2024

The Brainport region is shy of ICT professionals. Yet there are still HBO ICT graduates with diplomas sitting at home on the couch or going to work in jobs far below their level. We put the spotlight on two companies that support this mostly neuro-divergent target group and allow them to flourish.

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Successful open day Fontys ICT 17/03/2024

On 16 March, the last Open Day of this academic year took place in both Eindhoven and Tilburg. The atmosphere was great: visitors were warmly welcomed and given ample time to sample the atmosphere in our buildings.

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Students and work field need each other for those 70,000 jobs in IT and engineering 26/02/2024

The business world has a huge need for IT and technical talent. The Fontys ICT InnovationLab at Strijp TQ responds to this with (talent-oriented) education, research and practical issues. Education manager Sandra Verhoeven and study advisor Yvonne Derksen tell more about it.

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For over fifteen years we have been collaborating with businesses. Because of this, we are able to provide new, inspiring and meaningful education.

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