Luckt is a consultancy that focusses on projects in healthcare within the focus of computerization, strategy and implementation. We make sure that we guide every project from the beginning until the end, securing it for future use. To do this we work on projects together as a team. In this way we can make perfect use of the combination of our different expertise and backgrounds.

A part of Luckt is Garage2020-Brabant, a social incubator to improve youth care. We do this by improving the situation of the youth together with them. Using the methods of Design Thinking, we put the user in focus and design in small, iterative, steps. After every cycle we test and evaluate our design with the youth and healthcare professionals, so we can design something that really suits the situation.

“If you want to make an impact, you have to innovate together! The collaboration with FHICT is a great example of this.” Corporate website

Luckt is involved with:


ICT & Game Design and Technology - Semester 4 - Research based

Luckt is a client in the group projects.

LiveWall MAD emergent art center