Laméco wants to make beautiful things. We are innovators and forward-looking. We take care and responsibility of projects. Because we want to be ahead, some projects are not always profitable for us. We do not mind that, as long as we are the first to know how things work. Because we want to come with innovative solutions that really make a social contribution and difference.

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Laméco is involved with:


ICT & Media Design - Semester 3

Laméco fulfills the expert role in the groups project.


Laméco provides a company visit for first year students to aid them in their choice for the next phase in their study (spring and autumn 2020).

Other Activities

Laméco is member of the professional field advice committee for ICT & Media Design (Mr. Daan Lammers).

Laméco provides an external expert for graduation sessions ( Mr. Martin Verheggen, Mr. Yannick Veldkamp en Mr. Daan Lammers ).

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