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Embedded Fitness

Embedded Fitnss uses sensor technology to provide activity systems. Exercise, health, gaming and entertainment are the central components. We cater for schools, healthcare organisations, governments and companies, both in the Netherlands and abroad. By listening to our clients, we are able to develop suitable, customised concepts.

In our products we merge digital games with physical activities. Activity, health, education and fun are key.  The result is a wide range of exercise games for individuals and groups, for kids, adults and people with special needs.

Embedded Fitness strives to be the leading knowledge centre and living lab in the field of interactive exercise and works together with leading research institutions to that end. This way, we can develop unique interactive exercise concepts for all ages and we can study energy consumption, implementation options, and sustainability.

“Through the partnership, we develop new prototypes and research proper applications of our interactive game for various audiences.” Corporate website

Embedded Fitness is involved with:


ICT & Game Design and Technology - Semester 4

Embedded Fitness is a client in the group project and advices about new technologies in the field of sensoring and data.

ICT & Cyber Security

Embedded Fitness participated in a security test (pen-test) of their operating environment.

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