At Drieam we are passionate about developing and implementing software to improve (online) education. With a team of 30 young and committed professionals we constantly strive to improve the lives of teachers, students and staff all over the world. Our customers are top educational institutes and international business schools such as the TU/e and the IMD.

Our office is located in Eindhoven city-center, next to lots of urban hotspots, great bars  and restaurants. And although our way of working has also become a bit more blended nowadays, Drieam and our office space still feels like a second home where you can get the best out of yourself!

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Career Day 2021

Drieam joins our Online FHICT Career Day on 29 April 2021. They are looking for students for:
  • Internship
  • Graduation
  • Job
with a study programme:
  • ICT & Education
  • ICT & Software Engineering
  • ICT & Technology

Drieam is involved with:


ICT & Open Innovation

Drieam is involved in the group projects, they fulfill the role of expert and client

ICT & Cyber Security - Semester 3

Drieam participated in a security test (pen-test) of their operating environment.
Students develop their ethical hacking skills further, but also tuning can experience with business and contractual side of such a journey.
Tests were external tests from the Internet, internal network testing, application testing and code reviews, to social engineering, for example, a phishing test at employees.
The companies have thus come to acquire a little more insight into their technical and organizational security and awareness and potential improvements in it.



Drieam gives a look behind the scenes of an innovative Edtech start-up.

Other Activities

Drieam participated in the iSeal project.

Drieam was involved in study day of FHICT.

Review 2021 by Drieam

Organization of Cooperation 8
Quality of education 9
Adequate knowledge to students 8
Cooperation last year 8
Average 8.3
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