IT is getting more and more important is our world, and it is getting more important at DAF as well.  You develop and think about innovations in the digital world, because continuous improvement is the driving force for our success.

As an IT professional you play a crucial role in the realization of business objectives, business operations, efficiency improvements or improving the service to our (internal) customers.

Within DAF we have several possibilities to drive your IT career. Depending on your own interests and experiences, we have possibilities within embedded engineering, software engineering, data science and more.

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Career Day 2023

DAF Trucks joined our FHICT Career Day on 12/04/2023 in Eindhoven.
They are looking for students for:
  • Internship
  • Graduation
  • Job
with a study programme:
  • ICT & Business
  • ICT & Cyber Security
  • ICT & Infrastructure
  • ICT & Smart Industry and IoT
  • ICT & Smart Mobile
  • ICT & Software Engineering
  • ICT & Technology

DAF Trucks is involved with:


ICT & Technology - Semester 6 - Research based

DAF has given a college about model-based design

Other Activities

DAF Trucks is member of the professional field advice committee for ICT & Business (Mrs. Kathy Brok).

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