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The mission, *build things no-one can imagine* is probably not going to happen when we keep things as they were. The most efficient and fun way to get there is through a scalable, decentralized, automated organisation. That should give us an edge over traditionally organised organisations.

We develop cloud internet platforms in a number of different sectors (apps, speech, legal, IoT, geo) with our own team in Eindhoven from front to back.

“We are happy with the talents we meet in internships from Fontys and so we grow further as a company as result.” Corporate website

d-centralize is involved with:


ICT & Smart Mobile - Semester 4 - Research based

d-centralize fulfills the client role in which they provide a new project context each year.

Other Activities

d-centralize is member of the professional field advice committee for ICT & Smart Mobile (Mr. Kees van den Broek).

Review 2023 by d-centralize

Organization of Cooperation 8
Quality of education 7
Adequate knowledge to students 7
Cooperation last year 8
Average 7.5
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