BAS has revolutionized the global trade of commercial vehicles and machinery, selling more than 10,000 vehicles every year. With the launch of the e-commerce platform: BAS World, we are transforming and scaling up our operation to revolutionize how business is done in this industry. With over 30 IT engineers onsite and 45 offshore, we are entering into a phase of scale-up and transformation. For example, from waterfall to agile, monolithic architecture to microservices and +100 people scale-up in the coming years for IT alone, you could not join us at a more exciting time!

“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself. - Galileo Galilei” Corporate website

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ICT & Software Engineering - Semester 3 - Course based

BAS World supervises project groups from a client and coach role.

Review 2023 by BAS World

Organization of Cooperation 8
Quality of education 7
Adequate knowledge to students 9
Cooperation last year 9
Average 8.3
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