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Axion ByoSystems

At Axion BioSystems, our goal is to help you capture the complex biology of your cells. Whether monitoring the kinetics of cellular growth and death or recording the activity of excitable cells; Axion BioSystems' live-cell assay technology can help you record it noninvasively, in real time, and with software tools to make analysis quick and painless

“Novel bioelectronic and imaging systems to empower life science researchers” Corporate website

Axion ByoSystems is involved with:


ICT & Infrastructure - Semester 3 - Course based

Axion BioSystems is involved in semester 2 and semester 3 Infrastructure course based development as a reviewer.

In the semester project CytoSMART has a Product owner role.

Lastly, CytoSMART provides workshops about Dockers and Agile/SCRUM (also for Demand Based en semester 2 students)

Axians BAS World