Milestone: signing covenant 100th PiE 06/07/2018 The (re) signing of the covenants on July 3, 2018 had a festive touch. We have proudly reached the milestone of the 100th Partner in Education! The Province of Noord-Brabant was administratively the 100th PiE on the list, but that day was a small party for all attendees. Read more
Big Data Insight 21 June 15/06/2018 The next "Big Data Insight" is about the delivery of assignments Applied Data Science and Data-Driven Business Lab. Our students present the results of the assignments they have carried out for companies and social parties for half a year. Around the presentations workshops will be organised to learn from each other and look for a connection. Of course there are plenty of network opportunities. Read more
Monday 11 June 2018 - Signing session Partners in Education 13/06/2018 On Monday afternoon June 11th we had another signing session for our Partners in Education. This time we welcomed 4 new Partners. One Partner resigned and commits to another 4 years participation in the education of FHICT. And for the first time we have signed a covenant Friend in Education. Read more