Milestone: signing covenant 100th PiE 06/07/2018 The (re) signing of the covenants on July 3, 2018 had a festive touch. We have proudly reached the milestone of the 100th Partner in Education! The Province of Noord-Brabant was administratively the 100th PiE on the list, but that day was a small party for all attendees. Read more
Big Data Insight 21 June 15/06/2018 The next "Big Data Insight" is about the delivery of assignments Applied Data Science and Data-Driven Business Lab. Our students present the results of the assignments they have carried out for companies and social parties for half a year. Around the presentations workshops will be organised to learn from each other and look for a connection. Of course there are plenty of network opportunities. Read more
Parking garage on campus 13/06/2018 This spring the construction of a parking garage on the Rachelsmolen campus has started. The first in the row of large-scale construction activities. In this way, we are concentrating the parking facilities on the campus more in one place and create space for the new building of Fontys School of ICT that will open its doors in 2020. Read more