Next FHICT Career Day 2018 25/07/2018 Thursday 1 November 2018 we will organize the yearly company information market for students, exclusive for our Partners in Education. In order to spread the time investment for PiE more over the year, this event will now take place in the autumn. The FHICT Career Day is a good moment to meet future interns, graduates and potential employees for a job or side job. Read more
Business trip to IMTS 2018 Chicago 17/07/2018 From 9 to 12 September 2018 BOM International Trade in collaboration with InnovationQuarter and the Consulate in Chicago, organizes an exploratory business trip to the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2018. Read more
Milestone: signing covenant 100th PiE 06/07/2018 The (re) signing of the covenants on July 3, 2018 had a festive touch. We have proudly reached the milestone of the 100th Partner in Education! The Province of Noord-Brabant was administratively the 100th PiE on the list, but that day was a small party for all attendees. Read more