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Team Rockstars

Team Rockstars IT consists of a team of 200 heavily selected Native Software Engineers who develop IT solutions for our partners on a project basis. A partner is a client with whom we work together in the long term on the basis of equality and a match on “shared beliefs”. Just as they do to us, we have also clear requirements for our partners.

Within the domain of software engineering we have specialized in Java, .NET, Javascript, Mobile and Embedded (backend, frontend or full stack) development. In addition, our IT Rockstars are agile-minded team players with a drive to make an impact! Within our team, passion for IT and pleasure come together. Our style is different, consciously different ... we would like to introduce you to that!

“The coöperation with FHICT is very pleasant. The students make great contributions in our internal projects and also we see them grow personally each semester.” Corporate website

Team Rockstars is involved with:


ICT & Software Engineering - Semester 2 - Demand based

Team Rockstars is involved in the group projects, they fulfill the role of expert and client.

Other Activities

Team Rockstars provides an external expert for graduation sessions ( Mrs. Nadine Wolff, Mr. Vincent Hendriks, Mr. Remco Klinckenberg en Mr. Sven Landgraf ).

Review 2023 by Team Rockstars

Organization of Cooperation 9
Quality of education 8
Adequate knowledge to students 7
Cooperation last year 8
Average 8
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