People from Sue regularly work on large-scale, international projects at top 200 companies. Other times they support a start-up with the structuring of their IT infrastructure. In the working field you will find techniques such as Virtualisation (VMware, KVM), Cloud (OpenStack, AWS), Containers (Docker, LXC), Software Defined Storage (Ceph, GlusterFS), Big Data (Hadoop), Scripting, IoT, Configuration Management.

Working at Sue means continuing to learn and become better in your field. In no time you belong to the Dutch IT top.

“If you understand the problem you have work, if you can solve the problem you have awesome work, if you can explain the business value you can work anywhere” Corporate website

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Other Activities

Sue is member of the professional field advice committee for ICT & Infrastructure (Mr. Chris Hendriks, Mr. Serge van Namen, Mrs. Julia de Groot).

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