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In a former Philips factory in Eindhoven children are playfully enthused for science and technology and its infinite possibilities. They discover how much fun it is to find out how things work and how to create for yourself. The factory exists for over 10 years and receives about 30,000 visitors annually. The organization also offers educational programs for schools. The initiative is supported by government and industry who realize how important it is that children, from an early age, to discover their creative and technical talents.

“It's our responsibility to pass on our passion for innovation to the next generation” Corporate website

Ontdekfabriek is involved with:


ICT & Game Design and Technology - Semester 4

De Ontdekfabriek fulfills the role of client in the group project.

Other Activities

De Ontdekfabriek is a partner in the research group. Together they made the Fontys UX-Lab.

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