IT-Workz is the largest ICT employer in the west of Brabant. More than 100 professionals are working day in day out from our office in Etten-Leur to improve the schooling due to cleaver input of IT in primairy and secondary processes. We are working for 120 vo- and mbo- schools throughout The Netherlands and manage 12.000 workspots and 65.000 accounts for students and educational professionals. We are marketleader with respect to the newest techniques in several operatingsystems. IT-Workz offers high quality ICT solutions in collaboration with A-market business partners such as Microsoft, HP, Cisco and Apple.

The employees of IT-Workz are driven, initiate entrepeneurship, have vison and courage. Due to these skillsĀ  a dynamique working environment exists in which the employees are given the opportunity to develop and use their talents.

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IT-Workz is involved with:


ICT & Education

IT-Workz advises and supports our students (who also develop into ICT teachers) in designing learning arrangements for their internship schools. They introduce the students to new (ICT) techniques that they use themselves in training courses for the educational field and share their design cycle. They allow students to experience a hybrid work environment in which they can work simultaneously as an HBO IT professional as well as an ICT teacher / trainer.

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