Hike One. Digital Product Design.

We design digital products: user interfaces for physical products, as well as mobile apps and websites. It’s likely you have already run into us...

Take SITA’s baggage handling system, which you use to label your suitcase when you go on a holiday. Or when you check the weather with Buienradar, or use the 538 and NPO apps. You also know us from funda.nl and nu.nl.

We are not a full-service agency. We are a team of over 60 specialists. This makes us independent and flexible. It means we can work together with all the other great specialists in the market.

We help our clients in three ways. 1. Design a new digital product from scratch. or 2. improve an existing product or service. And if our clients want to be able to do this themselves, 3. we help building design departments within organisations

“We love technology, but it needs design to work for humans” Corporate website

Hike One is involved with:


ICT & Media Design - Demand based
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