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Happy Horizon

Results that make you smile. 

Happy Horizon is a group of specialized marketing agencies at the interface of data and strategy, concept and campaign development (content), media and channel input (campaign management) and technique (app and web development).

We all have our personal and unique talent. And, if relevant, we join forces. With over 130 talents, we work daily on a measurable result for our clients. This is only possible if we are constantly relevant for their (new) customers. As such, we have all the necessary skills to recognize target groups, reach out to them and to tempt them step by step into the desired action. 

Furthermore, we think it is important that companies trust us and are glad to hand us their questions. We are entrepreneurial, efficient, surprising and… just fun to work with. In short: results that make you smile.

“Together we develop the talents of the future” Corporate website

Happy Horizon is involved with:


ICT & Media Design - Semester 2 - Demand based

Happy Horizon provides Q&A sessions in which students can present their work, ask questions and get answers from practice.

ICT & Media Design - Semester 2 - AD

Happy Horizon is a permanent partner involved in semester 2 of the AD ICT & Media Design and gives the students an overall impression of the breadth of the field.


Digital Marketing

Happy Horizon organises a field trip to the company and gives guestlectures.

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