CytoSMART believes that high-end innovative tools should be used to provide the whole picture to everyone in the biomedical domain. This is achieved by a team of the best engineers that bring the latest technology to laboratories. Researchers within these laboratories are performing experiments with different types of cells. We want to enable them in reaching high-quality research through mass amounts of data.

Mobile devices and fast connectivity have made many aspects of our lives easier. However, this technological evolution has not yet made its way into laboratories involved with cell culture monitoring and analysis. We develop smart devices that are continuously improved to perform the most accurate cell imagining.

“Challenge researchers and bringing out the best” Corporate website

CytoSMART is involved with:


ICT & Infrastructure - Semester 3 - Course based

CytoSMARt is involved in semester 2 and semester 3 Infrastructure course based development as a reviewer.

In the semester project CytoSMART has a Product owner role.

Lastly, CytoSMART provides workshops about Dockers and Agile/SCRUM (also for Demand Based en semester 2 students)

Other Activities

CytoSMART gave a presentation about 'How to Scrum' during a 3 day event called Huge Leap Week (2020).

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