We service healthcare laboratories by providing them with our in-house built innovative software products. They appreciate our approach to problem solving and our implemented systems and solutions, including but certainly not limited to:

  •  Effective (moleculair) middleware solutions supporting the complete workflow from test request up to and including result reporting
  •  A fully fledged LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) for medical diagnostic laboratories
  •  Scheduling software for patients with chronic diseases, including a portal used directly by general practitioners during consults
  •  Efficient software supporting the workflow for blood sample collection, both within the hospital and at the patient’s home address

Our customers include established names in Dutch healthcare like Amsterdam UMC, Erasmus MC and the Sanquin bloodbank.

Bodegro combines the healthcare expertise of laboratory specialists with our experience in ICT: we connect

“This smooth cooperation between students and businesses is a great two-edged sword: both parties end up smarter and stronger” Corporate website

Bodegro is involved with:


ICT & Software Engineering - Semester 2 ICT & Software Engineering - Semester 3 ICT & Cyber Security - Semester 4

Bodegro fulfills the role of client in the group project and provide students with feedback during the project.

Review 2023 by Bodegro

Organization of Cooperation 7
Quality of education 8
Adequate knowledge to students 8
Cooperation last year 8
Average 7.8
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