Saamie explained Open Learning to Swiss teachers

Conceived by teacher Eric Slaats, and developed with a team from Fontys ICT into the most striking teaching method at that institute, Open Learning has been attracting the attention of foreign educational institutions for ages. Now, for the first time, a Fontys student also went on an 'exchange' to share her experience and knowledge about it.

He is quite used to foreign visits, Eric Slaats. The head of Open Learning at Fontys ICT sees the requests coming in on a daily basis, so to speak. From all corners of the world, educational institutions want to see what they are doing there at Fontys ICT, why this new educational method is so popular and works so well.

And so foreign delegations land at the TQ building in Eindhoven with great regularity, to get an insight into the method that Slaats devised over ten years ago. Which, by the way, has nothing to do with the HILL method - except that the convicted inventor of that method borrowed heavily from Slaats.

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