New Partners in Education committed to the new generation of ICT professionals

We welcome the companies Bodegro and Dataplace / Eurofiber to our network of Partners in Education. On 7 September they signed the covenant in Tilburg. By signing the covenant, they express their intention to support the training of a new generation of ICT professionals for a longer period of time. Together, we will keep education up to date and linked to practice, and be able to offer students real assignments.

And We are you has re-signed! They have been involved in several ways in recent years, e.g. as external experts at graduation sessions and as principals in semester 4 of ICT & Software Engineering. We are pleased that this collaboration will continue in the coming years.

Susan Megens signs on behalf of Dataplace (part of Eurofiber)
Dataplace started in ICT & Infrastructure education with an assignment about migrating a customer to the data centre.


Davy de Kerf signs on behalf of Bodegro.
ICT & Cyber Security students were allowed to do an API pen test for Bodegro for the new blood collection module for use at home. To ensure that the information can be sent safely over the internet.


It was nice to be able to celebrate with each other on location again. Students Noah and Skyler proudly gave the new Partners in Education a tour of the building, including the labs, open learning environments and teachers/staff. Interim director Frens Vonken was also present to welcome and thank the partners.


Want to know more?

Are you also interested in a partnership with Fontys Hogeschool ICT? Or would you like to know more about the collaboration with our Partners in Education? Please contact Dick Philippi, partner coordinator in Tilburg or Carli Kleijnen / Niek Schmitz, our partner coordinators in Eindhoven.