Innovation is in our code. Since 1999 we have been developing software solutions for our clients.

Peercode consists of an experienced group of professionals in the fields of software engineering, web design, user experience design, marketing & sales, (cognitive) ergonomics and sport & health. We help to convert knowledge in the field of sports and health into inspiring websites and (mobile) applications. By using sophisticated design, storytelling and scientific research we translate creative ideas into effective applications.

We also work on innovative solutions outside the domain of Health and Physical Activity. Our software is developed in response to specific client assignments. Whether this is a new webshop or an extensive tracking system for parcel services, we are happy to think along with you and deliver tailor-made solutions.

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ICT & Open Innovation - Semester 4

Peercode fulfills the role of clients in the group projects.

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Cooperation last year 8
Average 8
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