Visit IIP 2020 as a Partner in Education

Our #2023 OPEN UP ambition aims the cooperation of our institute with the industry, based on the shared creation of knowledge. The yearly ICT In Practice symposium is part of this ambition: presenting, discussing and demonstrating the results, insights and learnings of applied research projects of our lectors, researchers, lecturers, students, partners and cooperating knowledge institutes (together the FSICT community). Visitors will be able to see and experience what our community has been working on recently. And we are proud of what this active community has to offer… 

The IIP 2020 symposium is on Friday February 7th and this years’ theme is In Bots we Trust.
The programme is complete with interesting talks, (applied) research project presentations and demos we have to offer you on our website. As a Partner in Education you can meet student talent in their natural study environment. A lot of students are in the final phase of the study so almost available to the labour market.
And that is beside the IIP lunch, snacks and drinks…

We are looking forward to your visit to the symposium at the Fontys ICT InnovationLab, but urge you to register as soon as possible…full is full.
The Community of ICT In Practice only exist with the presence of the industry as well. See you there!