Boost your career with Accelerate IT

In September 2024, the courses Data Driven Business Lab and AI for Society will commence, offering a unique opportunity to gain skills, knowledge, and experience in just 18 weeks. Students can bring their own practical case, and colleagues are also welcome.

Data Driven Business Lab
The Data Driven Business Lab course is designed for anyone aspiring to work with data. In February 2024, Fontys ICT began this course with a small group of students.

One of these students, Lianne, came into contact with Fontys ICT through the "Leerwerkloket" and was immediately impressed by the positive atmosphere and the extensive opportunities the course offers. "In my previous education, I gained knowledge in statistics (SPSS), which fueled my desire to do more with data. I learn not only from the teacher but also from the (international) students and the company with whom we execute the assignment together. In addition to the IT knowledge I acquire, it is also a valuable addition to my CV. Furthermore, it's nice that we don't all have an IT background, but everyone is empowered."

Give your career a boost with AI skills
The AI for Society course prepares professionals for a future with AI, where you not only speak and understand the AI language but also use your expertise to identify opportunities for innovations that truly add value to society. For example, a group of students developed an AI-driven photo frame for an organization in elderly care that displays photos relevant to the conversation being held. This solution helps elderly people with early-stage dementia to recall memories, making conversations more enjoyable. Danny Bloks, coordinator of AI for Society, says, "Students realize that it's not only fun to play with the technology, but they also find it very valuable to see how they can help others with it. It makes them extra motivated to get the most out of the project."

Meeting the needs of companies in the Brainport region
As Fontys ICT, we closely collaborate with companies in the Brainport region, who require technical professionals. Education manager Sandra Verhoeven says, "Our ambition is to support professionals in transitioning to AI, digitization, and data-driven work. We offer courses for employees and job seekers to acquire knowledge. This enables companies to have their staff work more based on data or integrate AI. Job seekers can better enter this field, while professionals can upskill to enhance their skills. We've noticed that professionals are very eager to develop themselves, but time is the biggest obstacle. With this 18-week program, we offer tailored education to students and contribute to the Brainport ecosystem."

Why choose one of the Accelerate IT courses for professionals?

  • You learn in Shared Learning Teams, where colleagues, students, researchers, and teachers work together on a societal project.
  • You work on the practical application of your skills in a project.
  • You experiment and explore based on your needs and interests.
  • The full program takes place over 18 weeks, one day per week.
  • You combine theory with practical experience.

Both courses start in September 2024, and the new ones follow shortly after. Want more information to find out if one of these courses could be right for you? Then send an email to accelerate-it@fontys.nl or visit Data Driven Business Lab or AI For Society for more information.