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In recent years, ICT has given a completely different face to our society. The smartphone and tablet have become an extension of ourselves; a sixth sense that we use 24/7. Citizens expect the government services to go along with this development, so that they no longer have to go to the town hall to purchase products and services.

Municipalities do not escape from responding to this computerization revolution and have to organize their services digitally, future-proof and fully on the new demand of citizens. Not only the citizen demands that, also from the national government there are obligations.

PinkRoccade Local Government is constantly looking for the latest and most innovative ICT solutions for the local government. For example, we made it possible as the first supplier of municipal software that new parents can submit their birth registration digitally from home or hospital. In this innovative way we help the municipality save a lot of time by organizing the processes in a smarter and more efficient way.

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