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MAD emergent art center

MAD acts as a laboratory, platform and provider for ‘emergent art’: art that flows out of the tension existing between cultural and technological developments.


MAD maximises its interactions by targeting a wide range of groups including artists, developers, designers, scientists, technologists, public organisations, educational institutions, government departments and companies. This is achieved at regional, national and international level. Modern networks such as internet, ICT and new media offer the means to research, produce, present, distribute and discuss in an interactive way that is accessible for a broad audience. 

Activities are developed and realised on the basis of a number of core competences: 

  • MAD lab – Laboratory for technology and art (creative lab).
  • MAD events – Presentations, discussions and the distribution of emergent art.
  • MAD netwerk – Platform for artists, education, researchers and technologists.

MAD emergent art center is producer of Hackathons, Maker Faire, Meetups and expositions.

“MAD emergent art center is carving virtual pathways to future society” Corporate website

MAD emergent art center is involved with:

Other Activities

MAD is Friend in Education. Which means they are involved with FHICT, but not in the primary proces of education.

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