Every year in November, the GLOW Eindhoven Foundation organises the international Light Art Festival GLOW. An enormous exhibition in Eindhoven in public space of 30 famous national and international light artists. The light artworks are connected by a walking route. The event has grown from 45,000 visitors during the first edition of GLOW in 2006, to a record number of over 740,000 visitors in 2017. With that GLOW Eindhoven has acquired a position in the top five best-visited light festivals in the world. GLOW's distinctiveness lies in the ambition that every year light art is created, focusing on innovation and talent. Besides the major international light artists GLOW makes room for innovative and unique projects home-grown. GLOW is being held for the 13th time this year and will take place from 10 to 17 November 2018.

Mission statement of GLOW:


“Eindhoven makes the difference in Light Art” Corporate website

Glow is involved with:


ICT & Open Innovation

Glow has taken on the role of product owner / critical friend within Open Innovation and Delta students and has participated in the judging of the assessments.

ICT & Media Design - Semester 3

Glow fulfills the role of client and participates in the jury in the assessment. The concepts for GLOW arise in semester 3. A limited number of concepts are selected from all concepts and included in the GLOW route.

ICT & Creative Technology - Semester 4

Assignment for Glow.

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