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Gemeente Bernheze

The municipality of Bernheze is a residential community, with lots of nature and agriculture. The municipality has about 30.000 inhabitants and consists of five villages: Heesch, Nistelrode, Vorstenbosch, Heeswijk-Dinther and Loosbroek. The municipal organization of Bernheze is in full development. The municipality wants to be a compact and flexible organization. An organization that is able to quickly and adequately translate the dynamics and complexity of the environment into daily practice. For the employees, therefore, is taking responsibility, ownership / self-management, contract management, entrepreneurship and leadership and self-developmentĀ  important themes. We invest a lot in our employees and management.

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Gemeente Bernheze is involved with:


Digital Marketing

Gemeente Bernheze fulfills the client role in the project and provides feedback during the process (autumn 2019).

Other Activities

Participates, when possible, in projects.

Game Solutions Lab h.o.d.n. Games for Health Eindhoven