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Simplifying process improvement – that is the mission of Engage Process. We support all parts of process management, whether it is just the making of instructions, lean programs, compliancy of just figuring out how to the work. Our process modeler makes this easier and more effective for you. We help you to map, explore and analyse your processes.

More than 2000 students start using our free process modeler each year for their school work or internship programs. Our Modeler is seen as a smart combination of Brown Paper, Visio, Excel and a lot of Lean know how. The powerful cloud solution is used by small and large companies, governments, and students for all process management work.

“Simplifying process improvement” Corporate website

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Engage Process uses software to help students to make a process model. They also give a short introduction on the tool Engage. And they are available for questions on the Engage tool.

ICT & Business - Semester 6

Engage Process provides guest lectures on "traditional factories and the way they are equipped now with lean".

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