Concert venue the Effenaar places a high value on innovation. Not just innovation in music itself, but also in how music is experienced.

It is our firm belief that both live music and the way we experience live music will change significantly; for both the audience and the artists themselves. The use of augmented and virtual reality, sensors on stage, as well as audience participation based on wearables or mobile devices, will create new experiences.

What is going to come into existence, and what we will experience in the future is still unknown; it is uncharted territory. The Effenaar wants to explore the scope of possibilities. Together with the audience, artists, students, and companies, we are going to begin the experiment to discover the applications of new technologies onstage. To create a new type of magic together.

The Effenaar is there for all music lovers; from young to old, and from local to international. We book artists of international fame and national allure, but also up and coming artists and local talents.

With approximately 350 events, the Effenaar draws 150,000 visitors every year. The Effenaar building has two halls, full of cutting edge technology. Outside of our own halls, we also book events in other exciting places in town.

“Creating a new type of new magic together” Corporate website

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Effenaar is Friend in Education. Which means they are involved with FHICT, but not in the primary proces of education.

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