Datacon is the specialist in the field of application integration and API management. The unlocking, linking and sharing of data from different applications and data sources creates great added value for customers and their own organization. Since 1997, Datacon helps its customers realize ambitious projects to deliver on this promise. Our certified people have extensive knowledge and years of experience in designing, realizing and managing large and smaller projects. Datacon works only with products recognized by the market as leaders in their segment. Datacon has a lot of knowledge and experience of all these products. Datacon works together with a limited number of reliable partners that are complementary to the services of Datacon.

“As part of the Partner of Education program both parties benefit from working together, where the students provide an out of the box look at what we are doing as a company and next to that it provides advantages to us in hiring new people.” Corporate website

Career Day 2021

Datacon joined our Online FHICT Career Day on 01 December 2021. They are looking for students for:
  • Internship
  • Graduation
  • Job
  • Sidejob
with a study programme:
  • ICT & Software Engineering

Datacon is involved with:


ICT & Software Engineering - Semester 2 - Demand based

Datacon is involved in the group projects, they fulfill the role of expert and client.

ICT & Software Engineering - AD

Review 2021 by Datacon

Organization of Cooperation 8
Quality of education 8
Adequate knowledge to students 8
Cooperation last year 8
Average 8
All Reviews
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