Crossyn, located in the Spoorzone of Tilburg, is working on the mobility of the future. Crossyn is an Advanced Analytics Platform for insurers, fleets, dealer groups and universal workshops. By connecting vehicles to the platform, Crossyn makes it possible for both service providers and drivers to gain insight into, for example, the status of their fleet or vehicle. By collecting data and applying Data Science, Crossyn provides insurers, fleets and dealer groups and universal workshops with essential information to work more efficiently and make transport more sustainable.

Driver in Control

At Crossyn, the rider is in control, the rider is in control, also over the data. The driver can easily adjust his or her privacy preferences at any time via the online portal.


At Crossyn, innovation is the power of change, optimizing and creating intelligent solutions. Crossyn aims for a world full of connections.

“As Partner in Education, we work together with Fontys University of Applied Sciences to prepare students as well as possible for the professional practice. It is important to us that a sufficient number of ICT students graduate and that the course matches the professional practice well. As a partner, we incorporate practical case studies in our teaching, give guest lectures and organise company visits with appropriate workshops” Corporate website

Crossyn is involved with:

Other Activities

Crossyn provides an external expert for graduation sessions ( Mr. Erik Kamps ).