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In the Netherlands, the production of official statistics is vested in one independent government organisation: Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The legislator has appointed CBS in order to guarantee quality, professional independence and efficient use of public funds. CBS produces high-quality statistics, which contribute to well-founded policies and the public debate. In view thereof, it is crucial that CBS continues to produce its statistics using innovative methods and techniques.


Statistics are a public good. For this reason, CBS was established to combine data and sources, supply qualitative and reliable statistics and make them available again to public authorities and society.

This takes place according to specific framework conditions such as privacy legislation and security. Since these are official statistics on which government policy should be based, there has to be transparency in the way data are collected, processed and published. The figures must also be reliable, independent and of verifiable high quality. In addition, conditions must be fulfilled regarding the simultaneous availability of figures to everyone, compliance with national and international regulations and the continuity of statistics through the years. Therefore, the legislator has deliberately chosen not to leave production and promotion of statistics for public authorities to regional statistical offices or the market, but to establish one central and unique government organisation that can produce high-quality statistics for the Dutch government in a broader sense: national, regional and local.

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