Make IT Work

The shortage of highly trained IT specialists is and remains a headache for many organizations. Many organizations within the Brainport region know all about this. Make IT Work, the retraining program of Fontys Hogeschool ICT (FHICT) offers a solution. By finding and training highly educated enthusiastic and inspired bachelor and master graduates to become IT professionals and by linking them to participating companies during the training course. Of course it is also possible to retrain an internal employee. All this without a profit motive.

In the first 5 months of the retraining program, the student acquires IT knowledge and skills and develops specific competencies that match the demand from the current market. After successful completion of the training, the student will work for you for 6 months and receive further training at the university of applied sciences. Before a bachelor or master graduate can participate in Make IT Work, he or she has already passed a tough selection. This can save your organization time and money on recruitment and selection. We select and match our candidates with you. You decide for yourself who you want to do business with. Our unique selection procedure predicts that 92% of candidates pass our retraining program.

Together with the participating employers, the most experienced IT teachers develop the curriculum. This creates an educational program that trains students as best as possible to become IT professionals. An up-to-date educational program that seamlessly connects to the specific needs that exist in the business world.

Make IT Work can also help you achieve CSR and diversity goals.

We are currently exploring how to make the design of the Make IT Work retraining programme interesting to more people. In practice, it turns out, among other things, that full-time attendance for five months demands a lot from the participants. 

In consultation with employers and (former) candidates, we are considering a new format. Therefore, there are currently no new start dates for Make IT Work at FHICT. We do aim to start from the new set-up in February.  

Are you interested in joining us from your organisation? Would you like to be kept informed about the new set-up? If so, please contact Joris van der Straten at


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